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U can place all ur PC hardware probs here

Group Founder: yogeshd
Description: All the computer users rejoice there's a new group here "*(ALL PROBS SOLVED)*" You can place all ur PC problems here. You will get the solution within 1 day......
Group Type: Public join
Members: 90
Category: Technology, Internet & Wireless > PC Hardware

Topics (5)

go problem (2) tycoonn
Hi friends plz anytime i put on my pc it respond slow so i need help

go sound card problem (3) viky_raj
sir, sound card r not suported in my computer. so pls tell me what i do?.

go Mobile application is not get (0) natraj17
My name is Nataraj, i am using nokia 3110c when i am opening the application the mobile gets switched off whats the problem reply me.

go Os problem (0) lonston
When the windows xp starts booting into desktop before reaching desktop one small window appears as Get genioues version there is two options of b*tton as wait and solve later in wait b*tton there is ...

go Overclocking (0) p0izn
Hi guys. I'd like 2 know if sum1 could plz help me wid overclocking both a cpu nd a grafix card? I have a AMD 64 X2 3600+ cpu nd a Gf6800XT graphix card. Wat would i need nd also wat would i need 4 co...